Kinetech Arts presents Falling Off, an exploration into the interactions between the world and our physical bodies and the transformation experienced over time. This performance is part of the Soundwave ((7)) Biennial Architecture event at Grace Cathedral. 

Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva
Title: Falling Off
Dancers: Shareen DeRyan, Maria Sotnikova, Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Amelia Eisen, Neta Singer, Raquel Boluda Santiago and Daiane Lopes da Silva.
Live Music: Erick R. Scheid
Singer: Lilia Naia
Technical support: Travis Bennett and Weidong Yang

In the beginning of a long journey is the phase of purification, a letting go of the details of your life by shedding thoughts and distractions. Intense physical practice is often employed as a vehicle to quiet the active mind. By entering the labyrinth, we reflect on the tension between the desire of letting go and the instinct of holding on. 

This performance is dedicated to our dear friend Carol F. Heimann.